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Your Mind & How it Works - Public Talk

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"Unravel the complexity of your mind and see the simple ways it's designed to work." AH

The mind has been the source of our greatest achievements and our greatest sorrows. For many people, the working of the mind remains a mystery. Come along to this special evening and discover the simple design behind the mind. Learn what helps it function at its best. 

A few words from presenter Dr. Andrew Horwood -
"I am an Holistic Medical Doctor, workshop presenter, poet, mentor and leader in the Emissaries of divine Light Australia. I believes that our biggest challenges result from not understanding how our mind and heart are designed to work so that we can live happy fulfilling lives. What we need is to remember there's an instruction manual for our mind and heart, not more therapy". AH

Date: Thursday, August 31st
Time: 7:00 pm
Cost:  By donation which can be made anonymously on the night
Venue: 'The Sanctuary' (site map here)
Location: Riverdell Spiritual Centre - 51 Clifford Rd, Hillier 5116
(how to find us - here)

Got a question about this evening? Andrew is happy to answer any queries.
Call him on  0419337646 or call our friendly Riverdell staff on 8523 1329 
during business hours.