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Empowering Relationships - 1

250 AUD / In stock.

Being empowered to have great relationships is an important key to a fulfilling life. Learn about your 8 core needs and how to beat co-dependence.

Experience an amazing relationship healing meditation that you can practice any time. See how your mind, your energy, your soul and your speech can all become assets to anchor more love, joy, peace and intimacy, trust and security in yourselves and in your relationships.

This transformative and experiential seminar will bring relief and freedom as well as a raft of ways to turn around difficult relationships and make good ones even better.

In this seminar you will:
  • Learn how energy affects our relationships
  • Learn how to deal with emotions
  • Increase your self confidence, and learn how to build self esteem
  • Build respect for self and others
  • Understand the vibration of thought, word and action
  • Discuss and experience different ways to raise your vibration
  • Understand the interplay of thought and emotion and the effect upon relationships
  • Introduction to Inner Child theory and relevance to relationships
  • Emotional mastery meditation
  • Learn how to effectively self parent and meet your own needs
  • Understand how to manage co-dependant behaviours and relationship insecurities
  • Be introduced to virtue training and how to cultivate more positivity in your life
  • Practice communication styles, and how to integrate positive empowered communication and listening skills into all of your relationships
  • Experience powerful energy activations and healing meditations
  • And much more
Date: This Program will be delivered over 2 Sessions. Week One - Saturday October 14th, Week 2 - Saturday 21st 
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Cost: $250.00
Presenter: Vidya Shanti
Venue: 'The Sanctuary' - Riverdell (site map here)
Location: Riverdell Spiritual Centre - 51 Clifford Rd - Hillier 5116 (how to find us here)

Got a question about this event? Contact the event presenter Vidya Shanti on 
0404369186 with any queries.