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Druidry Workshop - Creating Ritual Space

30 AUD / In stock.

Learn the secrets behind creating your own unique ritual space.

Traditionally the Druids of old held the knowledge of when to sow and when harvest. The Ritual was a very visual way to pass on this knowledge to a large gathering of people. Today as our lives become more complex and confused a time for reflection and getting back to a simpler form of existence enriches us with more than just a visual spectacle. It provides nourishment for the soul and allows us to journey back to our roots and gather strength for it. 

Beltane was a time of the new, of new beginning of love and happiness. Of a time to celebrate the end of winter and a time to look forward to planting the seed and awaiting the new harvest.

Topics covered will include:

  • Introduction and a brief history of Beltane
  • What is ritual and what is its function and purpose?
  • What is sacred space?
  • How to cast a circle
  • The watchtowers and cardinal points
  • The passing of wisdom
  • Creating ritual - an example
  • Group activity to explore the meaning of the Beltane

Creating sacred space in ritual is a dynamic way to add depth to any practice. Join Paul as he leads you through this magical experience. 

Date: Saturday - October 14th
Time: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Cost: $30.00
Presenter: Paul Johnson
Venue: 'Karrawirra' Building - Riverdell (site map here)
Location: Riverdell Spiritual Centre - 51 Clifford Rd - Hillier 5116 (how to find us here)

* Participants are asked to bring pen and paper, lunch to share amongst new friends, a rug, blanket, cushion or rug to sit on outside

Got a question about this event? Call and speak to a friendly Riverdell staff member on 8523 1329 during business hours.