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Celebrating Earth's Sacred Cycles - Spring Equinox

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'Celebrate and experience the sheer vibrancy and joyful energy of Spring.'

Out of the deep cold, Spring has begun to reveal her green-bounty. The birds are busy pairing up, tree buds are bursting forth. Daffodils sway in the wind. For us human beings, the Spring Equinox represents an opportunity -

  • to embrace inner regeneration and rebirth
  • a time for balancing the forces of darkness and light within ourselves
  • for a new beginning and a new sense of identity
  • a time of hope, optimism and renewed confidence that life moves forward.

Come celebrate this sacred time with us as we walk the Spiral, are bathed in sound and dance the 'new' into being.
Saturday - September 23rd
6:00 - 7:00 pm
By Donation
Presenter: Vicki Edwards
Venue: 'The Sanctuary' (site map here)
Location: 51 Clifford Rd - Hillier (how to find us here)

Got a question about this celebration? Please call the Riverdell office on
8523 1329 Monday - Fridays 9:00am - 5:00pm or contact event presenter Vicki Edwards on 0402602033