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Attunement - Level 2 'Path of the Heart'

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Attunement - Level 2 Path of the Heart

Are you interested in learning about ancient, sacred energy healing practice which can be applied in daily life?

Riverdell Spiritual Centre invites you to come and experience the world of Attunement. 

Attunement is about allowing our Inner Self to come into direct relationship with Source. Attunement is also about empowerment and seeing that we create what we want to have happen in our life. We believe the physical body is perfectly designed for the revelation of our divine nature.

In this day long workshop we go deeper into the unique aspects of the Endocrine Glands and the closely related Chakras. This is the third presentation in the Attunement Path of the heart series. However, while we build one upon another, the opportunity is ever present in Attunement to step into the experience without previous exposure.

Topics we will explore include:

·         Chakra Attunement 

·         Pneumaplasm - "Pneuma" meaning "breath"; "Plasm" meaing "living substance".

·         One Law - What is meant by 'One Law'?

·         Helping, Fixing, Serving - knowing our responsibility in and during the healing process.

·         Self protection when working with others

·         How to creatively manage feelings

Date: Saturday August 5th 2017

Time: 9.30 am-5.00 pm

Cost: $90.00

Where: 'The Sanctuary' - Riverdell. Map here 

Presenters: Vicki Edwards, Cynthia Helbig & Christine Spencer

Please Note - Participants are asked to bring: Journal, pen, water bottle, comfortable clothing and a BYO lunch to share. Morning and Afternoon Tea provided

Got a question about this event? Please feel free to contact Vicki Edwards on 0402 602 033